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I am very pleased to announce that i have an online exhibition @ called ‘Dawn of revival’.
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Dawn of revival:
Molenaar’s artworks draw on geometry and architecture in a refreshing way, representing the shapes and nets as something entirely new to an audience. His painted works almost juxtapose the sharp vectors of the shapes against the softer brush strokes and more delicate colours of the abstract sections of the paintings. An audience is invited in to explore the more fluid elements of the work and discover the strong subject matter beneath. Molenaar invites us to pull these shapes out and question their relation amongst his other sculptural works, which often stand alone in their confident statement about contemporary architecture.

Molenaar’s multifaceted work is situated on the edges of art and architecture. Working with sculpture, photography and paintings, he connects these (and other) media within a common architectural theme. The basis for his work is a fascination for construction, what he sees as a significant element in our everyday world. Jeroen raises questions of public space and its infrastructure, of boundaries between functionality and the autonomy of an object, forms and structures.

‘I am fascinated by architecture,’ Molenaar explains. ‘It influences my work in all kinds of ways. How things are constructed, how one thing is related to another. I like to play with gravity and construction like architects do. But then in the already-built, constructed world around me.’

Jeroen Molenaar was born in 1979, Nunspeet, NL. He currently lives and works in Zwolle, NL, and was recently nominated for the Strabag Art Award International in 2015 and for the Frans de Wit Prijs in 2013.*

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This exhibition is also featured by wetransfer. One painting was for a period of time a wallpaper @ Wetransfer.